Update On HROC 2013

Captain Morris from FDNY Rescue 1, will be joining the team of Instructors from all over the country. He brings the element of Special Operations and High-Rise Fires. Below is more details and list of both Instructors and Class Objectives. Captain MorrisComing winter of 2013 on Pensacola Beach!!!

December 2nd, 3rd, & 4th. 3 days of 6 different speakers including priceless classroom & hands on information! There will be an option to pick all lectures or do both lecture and hands on as well as lectures for the Chief Officer.

This WILL BE the foremost prominent high rise conference in the nation in 2013.Come to north Florida and join us for an extraordinary time of training camaraderie and fun!

World class top Instructors will be in attendance as follows; Chief McGrail (Denver FD), Captain Morris (Rescue 1 FDNY), Lt. Mike Ciampo(FDNY), Lt. Ray McCormack(FDNY), FF Jim Smith(FDNY), Capt. Bill Gustin (Miami-Dade), BC Curt Isakson(ECFR), Capt. Kevin Story(Houston Tx. FD), Lt. Matt Negedly (Orlando FD), JJ Cassetta (Orlando FD), Mac McGarry(Key Hose) & more!

The following is a list of topics that will be covered and more!

1. Command & Control of High-Rise Fires
2. Size Up and Deployment at High-Rise Fires
3. Understanding and Utilizing Built in Fire Protection Systems
4. Understanding and  Utilizing Alarm/Control Room
5. Elevator Operations and Rescues
6. PRVs and Everything that they involve.
7. Search and Rescue at High-Rise Fires
8. Forcible Entry in a Smoke Filled hallway
9. Smoke and Fire Control
11. Open Balcony vs. Enclosed Hallway
12. Fire Attack and maximizing Standpipe
13. Attack Line Options
14. Salvage and Controlling activated sprinklers.
15. RIT Operations at High-Rises
16. Standpipe Emergencies


Ladders, Why Are They Important ?

Truck Company Operations

“Ladders, the Lost Art”

By: FF Kyle Kraatz

Ladders, Why Are They Important ?

The fire service ladder, a staple of many fire department patches and art work often gets overlooked for more pressing issues like EMS training, ICS, or the current NIMS classes we are required to take.  But for the victims at the third floor window waving franticly on the window sill, the ladder is often their last hope.  That is why we need to be vigilant, stead-fast, and disciplined in the art of ladder operations.

The ladder is a vital tool that we carry on most of our rigs, yet they are often only used when needed on the fire ground.  We have no problem training with the Jaws of Life, saving a down fireman, or rapidly deploying the hose line.  All good training, but we often over look the ladders.  Proper maintenance, proper deployment, and proper training must be conducted on them to insure we give our victims a fighting chance…

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Rescue Operations Class May 29 Pensacola Beach

Heavy Rescue Class will start at 0800 in the DeLuna Hall on First Floor of Pensacola Beach Hampton Inn. Less than 10 spots available.

Finger ToolsFinger

Think Basic First and then COMPLEX. K.I.S.S.  KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. You still have time to sign up.
Link Below. Class approved for 8 Hours towards Instructor renewal.