Ground Ladders or Aerial

When should we choose ground ladders over aerial for roof operations?

When should we use an aerial device over ground ladders? What if it’s only a one story? What if the aerial takes longer to set-up? When should we use ground ladders over an available aerial device?

4 thoughts on “Ground Ladders or Aerial

  1. I think this one depends on the aerial apparatus it self. Many new aerials are fast to set up, so if it sets up quick big stick. If it significantly delays ventilation go ground. My preference is always the stick as I can jump on it and not worry about it falling. In the right circumstances I like the stick below the crew on a pitched roof as a catch device.

  2. Seems the circumstances will always dictate your course of action … or should I say that it “should” dictate your course of action. I lean towards the quickest safest way, whats the risk vs the benefit. Another thing to keep in mind is both can be deployed, there is no penalty for thinking ahead, or outside the box.
    Bottom line, if you’ve trained enough, and/or been around enough fires, then you can rely on your RPDM (recognized prime decision making) which will take into consideration many things in an instant, to safety placing our people in harms way (oxy-mororn but I liked the way it sounds,lol) to accomplish a task that needs doing. Tactics are based … reword … Tactics “should” be based on building construction, extent of fire, pre fire planning, knowing the neighborhood your in and the construction that dominates the area, as well as staffing, response times, and water supply (these are bit a few of the “circumstances” I mentioned at the top) … I’m not a big proponent of one “thing” fits all … you have to be able to adapt in our line of work … if not … well …. the super market down the road is hiring, and I am sure you will be a big fucking hit as the lead bag boy. Be safe my brothers, stay low and stay strong … love you Kurt!

  3. When should we use an aerial device over ground ladders?

    – A roof greater then 3 stories
    – Ground ladders are being used for something else
    – Steep pitch roof that is larger then your biggest straight ladder
    – Unstable roof conditions

    What if it’s only a one story?

    – I would personally prefer to use ground ladders