4 thoughts on “Attack Line Flows

    • if you are wanting 180gpm from a 1 3/4 handline, what pressure are you flowing and what nozzle are you using. This can be a difficult pressure to be aggresive with.

  1. 210 gpm on 1 3/4″ with 1″ smooth bores.
    328 gpm on 2 1/2″ with 1 1/4″ smooth bores.

  2. A few years ago, while I was working in the Training Division, we flow tested all our nozzles and engines. Many in the department were surprised at what we found. I wasn’t, though. Generally, we found many of our constant pressure (automatic) nozzles were 35-50 gpm off from the expected gpm for a the manufacture’s recommended engine pressure for the particular nozzle and required flow. Additionally, we found many of our engine discharges were off by 10-20 psi. This was found to be that the pressure gauge on the pump panel read the pressure coming off the manifold near the pump, there was friction loss – significant in some cases – in the plumbing getting to the actual discharge port. Since this test, we now spec all engines with the discharge pressure / flo