Direct Water Application “The Transitional Attack”

Direct Water Application Escambia

Why does this not push FIRE? Why is it ok that FIREFIGHTERS are inside? Is this an aggressive attack?

Crew is inside making the push.

This is the Back Up Line Assisting the Interior Crew make the push on FOUR ROOMS OF FIRE.

Firefighters are inside pulling and Flowing while they open the roof. Do you think the above picture is showing an aggressive TACTIC?

Transitional Attack Taking Place in a Large City! It worked. Great call by the Battalion Chief...

Fire Out! They HIT it HARD with Engine mounted Deck Gun while opening up and making access for interior attack lines. Transitional : passage from one state, place, stage, or subject to another : CHANGE!!! Photo by: Pat Grace


Who is your mentor in life? How important are mentors? Do you mentor anyone?

men.tor: a trusted counselor or guide: also : TUTOR, COACH

I personally have numerous mentors. The one above is just who first started guiding me and counseling me in the right direction. You can have mentors in different areas of your life. I could not imagine where I would be with-out them. So, if you do not have someone as your mentor find one. If you’re not mentoring someone; choose someone to mentor.

Commercial Building Fires

When can we go Interior on Commercial? What are the considerations? Why should we go Interior/Offensive on some Commercial Fires? Should we always go deffensive if no one is inside?

When and IF you go OFFENSIVE on a Commercial Building Fire; What are some considerations?

How many firefighters should be onscene? Should we already have RIT in place? What are your thoughts?

The Day After!