Charts & Documents

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Tank Flow times2

T6 Ladder Angle

T6 Horizontal Reach

T6 FL Chart

T6 Aerial Flows




Friction Loss Chart Fort Walton BeachE7.EXCEL.SPREDSHEET

E6-E7 FL Chart


DOC_Rule of ThumbFL Chart

DOC_hydrantFlows,2 .5&4.5

DOC_Friction Loss Fire Hose

DOC_Drafting reference

DOC_Hydrant drop %


Company standard and expectancies. Capt Stone

A Watch 2013 Apparatus, Gear & Uniform Inspection

Rules of Engagement Daily Responsibilities

Rules of Engagement Apparatus Checks

Operational Expectations

Operational Expectations Worksheet

Captains Daily Agenda[1]

C watch Officers Meeting

Basic Bunker Gear Inspection Guidelines

A-Watch Operational Expectations for 0700-0900

A-Watch Expectations on Fires

Daily_Agenda Form

Daily review

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